Depression Starts At A Very Young Age

Bewildered and somewhat distressed parents very often claim that they never saw that one coming. The tragedy is that depression, one of the most misunderstood illnesses that has no cure once diagnosed, starts at a very young age. So it goes that many have been left helpless, wondering how it came to this. More and more young adults are taking their lives. The depression treatment louisville center puts a stop to that tonight.

depression treatment louisville

It’s already helping those in need. And you or one of your kids might just be next. Both figuratively speaking and literally, imagine being stuck in a body that was not meant to be yours in the first place. But imagine the shock, the trauma, the bewilderment suffered in a child as young as three. As an adult, young or old, you might still be able to cope, with help from your therapist too of course. But not a kid as young as that.

Indeed, it can be so complex. Not only is it difficult for such a young child to explain to his mom or dad how he feels, it’s very difficult for a young parent to pick up the signs. And before you know it, it’s too late. Several years later the child is gone. It’s only afterwards that you wonder how he managed to survive this long. So, what is to be done then? Any signs, symptoms or disturbances? How are you to even know what they are?

Look, if your child’s been acting up lately, don’t put it down to a brief spell of naughtiness or stubbornness. Try and connect. Find out how and why from a specialist. A quiet child, now that’s a sign. That’s when you need to start to be concerned.